DesignWell Studios is an environmental wellness design and testing company that optimizes built environments that promote beauty, health and well-being. They offer state of the art, professional environmental testing services that allow their clients to see if their home or workplace has issues  from poor air or water quality, mold or high levels of EMFs that could have negative effects on their health and well-being. DesignWell Studios works with wellness providers, builders, developers, and real estate professionals to educate about healthy homes and workspaces. DesignWell Studios designs and consults with people in mind optimizing their built environment for health and well-being.

The Founders of WellBuild Lab

Partners, Tom and Michelle Ifversen perform environmental wellness inspections for clients in the Portland, Oregon metro area, but really want to offer their services to people outside their immediate area. Their background and experience are in Building Biology, Biophilic Design, Environmental Wellness, Odor and Mold testing and mitigation. They have worked with Prism Analytical for years. Prism is the industry leader in VOC testing, and therefore they partnered with them to design and launch a new product that people could test on their own with their professional support.

We recognize that a one size fits all approach to IAQ is not always best. Air testing options need to be flexible as each space’s air testing needs are unique. So whether you’re a new home buyer trying to understand general IAQ for your large investment, or a Building or HVAC Contractor looking to provide clients with exceptional air quality, WellBuild Lab has the expertise to get you on your way to cleaner, healthier air. We hope you find the WellBuild Lab test kits useful and beneficial towards your path of creating a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

About DesignWell Studios

Designwell Studios creates happier, healthier and more productive spaces to live and work in by improving human connections to nature.

DesignWell Studios created WellBuild Lab to offer state-of-the-art professional environmental testing services. WellBuild Lab is now partnered with Prism Analytical Technologies to provide professional testing expert support services to wellness providers, builders, developers and real estate professionals.

We specialize in designing environments that are healthy and sustainable. Clean air quality, safe levels of electromagnetic fields, non-toxic building materials, furnishings, and finishes are just a few of the things we look out for. We are still offering indoor air quality and emf testing services in the Portland metro area adhering to the social distancing and sanitizing practices. We also offer virtual environmental wellness assessments!

To learn more or to order your multiuse test kit with in-depth environmental analysis visit DESIGNWELL STUDIOs.
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