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Advanced Indoor Air Testing Options for Healthier Air Tomorrow

Multiuse Collection Kit

Includes pump, sampling media, environmental wellness questionnaire, detailed professional report, and a half hour consult.

Ideal for:
  • employers, inspectors, home and building owners
  • chemically sensitive or immunocompromised individuals
  • those wanting to assess indoor air quality changes from season to season
  • transient employees testing short term living spaces
  • those who need a chemically detailed report to go over with a health and wellness expert
Single-Use Rental Kit

Includes a one-time rental pump, sampling media, and an easy to read summary report.

Ideal for:
  • those that are curious if the odor they sense could possibly be affecting their home or work health environment
  • those that want a one-time test
  • those that do not need the list of chemicals compounds detected, only categories
  • those that have a budget
Report Data
WellBuild Lab
Home Air Check
Total TVOC X X
TVOC Rating X X
Total MVOC X X
TMVOC Rating X X
Source Prediction X X
Source Prediction Concentration X
Significant VOCs (ppb) X
Full VOC Breakdown Available
Multiuse Test X
Single-Use Test X
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