With concerns regarding healthy building products and indoor air quality on the rise, we are aware that we cannot service or consult on all aspects that a homeowner may need.  For that reason, Home Air Check has partnered with a few consultants to provide volatile organic compound-specific testing utilizing Enthalpy Analytical’s laboratory services. Each company has different specialties and are able to cater to a variety of needs when it comes to home health – including water testing, electro-magnetic field testing, detoxification, and green building products.  Read more to discover how each company could help you!

Green Design Center

Green Design Center was founded by Andrew Pace, one of the world’s foremost authorities in the healthy building realm. Not only does Andrew strive to provide his clients with the healthiest products for their homes, he also created Degree of Green, which is the only product rating system designed to assist consumers with their purchasing decisions. If you are interested in green, healthy, and sustainable building products, Green Design Center can provide you with the best products for your needs. From flooring to paints to cleaning and personal care products, Green Design Center has you covered. Andrew also provides consultation services for varying needs. Andrew can make recommendations for remodeling, if you have chemical sensitivities, have a mold issue and more. Green Design Center also does informative podcasts called Non Toxic Environments to educate the public on healthy homes.

Pure Air Pure Water

Pure Air Pure Water owned by Terry Wright, specializes in both air and water testing and purification. With nearly 40 years of experience and a sincere desire to do right by their customers, Pure Air Pure Water by Wright Way Environmental Technologies is a credible resource providing State Certified and Nationally Accredited testing results. Staffed with licensed, certified and accredited professionals, they assist clients every step of the way whether it be in-person or via a virtual consultation. Pure Air Pure Water provides referrals for proven air and water filtration systems that can be used in your home or business.

Indoor Environmental Systems

Indoor Environmental Systems is a family-owned business that provides conservation, energy efficiency, and healthy living home environmental systems. Steve McLeod, CEO, is a board-certified Indoor Environmentalist with 30 years of training and experience. IES’s team are experts in building science – providing services for contaminant cleaning, energy efficiency improvement including insulation, air and water quality, mold mitigation, ventilation systems, rainwater management and many more. IES offers virtual consultations for clients not in their North Carolina service area.

DesignWell Studios

DesignWell Studios is an environmental wellness design, consulting and testing company that optimizes built environments for well-being. Michelle Ifverson is the founder and environmental wellness design director. She specializes in biophilic design and building biology. DesignWell offers many services ranging from indoor air quality testing and EMF testing to biophilic interior design and regenerative landscaping design. Whether you are looking to remodel your home/yard, are concerned about chemicals or mold in your space, or just want to assess your environment’s health, DesignWell has options for you. Michelle offers virtual assessments/consultations via Zoom for those outside of their Oregon service area.

Tap Score

My Tap Score provides simple, fast, and factual drinking water testing kits. Water is the second highest item in the human ingestion pyramid after air, so it is naturally the next step in assessing your home’s health. Tap Score gives everyone access to world-class water testing to help them make informed choices about their drinking water. Testing kits are available for city water, well water, rainwater and many others. The Tap Score team prides themselves on their customer service; striving to help clients understand what’s in their water, what impact it has and how to treat it cost-effectively. Staff are available every day to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have throughout the water testing process.


Visit each of their websites for additional information by viewing our Enhanced Services.