It is important, now more than ever, to know that your home and workspace is safe. Air testing options need to be as flexible as each space’s air testing needs are unique. So whether you’re a new home buyer trying to understand general indoor air quality, or a building or HVAC contractor looking to provide clients with exceptional air quality testing, we have the expertise to guide you toward a cleaner, healthier environment.

We now have two options for testing your indoor air:

  • Home Air Check – Rent a single-use unit to test your indoor air
  • WellBuild Lab – Purchase a multiuse collection kit with Environmental Wellness Experts

From VOCs to surface dust, making an informed decision about what to do requires the right data. Understand your air quality at more than a glance. Home Air Check with WellBuild Labs delivers everything you need.

For Purchase
Multiuse environmental test kits.
For Rent
Single-use environmental test kits.
Home Air Check Test

healthy air is essential for a healthy home

and we make it easy to find the primary cause(s) of your indoor air issues


Formaldehyde is an important chemical widely used by industry to manufacture building materials and numerous household products. Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat.

Surface Dust

Yes, dust can be a health hazard. It’s also a serious trigger for allergies and asthma. In addition to skin cells, dust can be made up of pollutants, animal dander, insect parts, pollen, soot, mineral dust, and more.

Active Mold

In low levels, molds and mold spores are generally harmless, but if their levels increase, they can affect people; especially people with allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions or suppressed immune systems.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short and long-term adverse health effects.

Never Before Have We Been More Focused on Feeling Safe and Protected in the Home or Work Environment

the technologies we’ve developed have provide excellent non-invasive air analysis from only one small sample for


examine our healthy indoor air checklist to see if you should test

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