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This single-use rental kit detects and reports the level of toxic formaldehyde in your home.

Results emailed within 5 business days of receiving your samples at our lab.

Sample Report


Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature and has a strong odor. Exposure to formaldehyde may cause adverse health effects.


  • resins used in the manufacture of composite wood products (i.e., hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium-density fiberboard)
  • building materials and insulation
  • household products such as glues, permanent press fabrics, paints and coatings, lacquers and finishes, and paper products

It is a byproduct of combustion and certain other natural processes, and so is also found in:

  • combustion byproduct such as tobacco smoke and fuel-burning appliances (gas stoves, kerosene space heaters and fireplaces)
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in

47 reviews for Formaldehyde

Billy K

This test was kit was exactly as described with clear instructions. Results were sent back via e mail in a short time.

Amazon Customer

Home air check was very responsive to my questions. communication was excellent and test kit was professional and easy to use. Would use them again.

Davie Crockett

Quick shipping and return. The test was simple and directions straight forward. The results were a little alarming but, that’s what the test is intended for. Fast and easy to comprehend results.


It was easy to use and results received as promised.

Don Hettiarachchi

Very Good!


just the kit i need

Roger Bruchay

Worked great. Just make sure that you watch your spam folder for the results. Ordered this to test the Lumber Liquidators flooring we installed.


Test was pretty easy to run. Results were back in 10 days with an easy to read report. We’re going to wait on removing our floor for now and re-test when it’s not so hot/humid and see if we get different results and we will definitely be getting another of these kits. It would cost $500+ to hire someone to come to our house to run a similar test so it was money well spent.


Bought this kit to test the air emissions of the Lumber Liquidators laminate floor which I had installed- the levels were off the charts! This kit is definitely worth it, and is more accurate than the ridiculous badge type free test kit that Lumber Liquidators offered. This is a serious test kit using a small air suction pump, and test strip in a test tube for sampling purposes. The directions were simple and easy to use, and once completed the whole thing gets sent back to the lab in the prepaid shipping package.


Easy, convenient, accurate, timely results and it didn’t bust the wallet. 🙂


Quick and easy to use. Was actually surprised the results came back positive. But now what? Furthur testing….


Easy to use, very clear instructions. Results sent by email.


Instructions were easy to follow making the process simple. We received the results back by email within a couple of weeks. Satisfied

Amazon Customer

The test was quick and easy to use, results forwarded to my email within 10 days.

Young Guy66

The Home Air Check Indoor Air Quality Formaldehyde Test Kit performed satisfactorily. The instructions were easy to understand and follow. The test kit itself was easy to use and the results came back in a timely manner. I would recommend the Home Air Check to anyone needing to test the air quality indoors.

Amazon Customer

Easy to use, fast results.


Good test. I am not sure how accurate the test reading is though since the hardwood flooring in my house is about 10 years old and the reading came back that I was in the upper end of the moderate zone. Good to know nonetheless.


I have laminated floor recently installed. due to the news about high Formaldehyde level of the floor sold by the big chain store, I ordered this test. It was very easy to use, result coming back quickly.

Amazon Customer

Easy to use, quick understandable results

Pei-ling Wu



WASTE OF $$$$$$$$$$$

Amazon Customer

The sensitivity (down to 0.01 part-per-million) of this detector is very high, and it is not too expensive for house-use detectors, so give 2.5 -3 stars; however when I bought it, it was found that actually its detection of formaldehyde is NOT SPECIFIC —in other words, it can falsely tell you there is formaldehyde but actually there is only other volatile compounds like alcohol (either ethanol, or propanol —commonly called rubbing alcohol). — from viewpoint of chemistry.


We bought this after purchasing a home then finding out about the potential formaldehyde in the Lumber Liquidator flooring. The kit was well packaged, had clear directions (I have no clue how another reviewer didn’t realize the kit had to be returned), and was easy to use. The results were emails to us approx 2 weeks after the day we mailed the kit back. Luckily, the levels of formaldehyde were not elevated in this case.

Kevin Kline

1st test, they said I had a problem. that freaked me out. then, I ordered 2 more tests, one from this company. 2nd test okay. The 1st “false positive” was a big pain.


Bought this to see what my new laminate and carpet was giving off. Now I am sorry I did as it showed high. Have to keep windows open and hope it will not last longer than the summer.

Amazon Customer

didn’t measure the same as the lumber liquidator tests so they won’t honor their agreement

N. Scherenberg

Easy to use and clear on the results. When one test strip looked wonky, I called customer service and they sent me a whole new kit free of charge. That’s what I call good customer service! Second kit worked perfectly.


Great test — easy to perform (although some of the caps on the tubes can be tight — but glass tube is not super fragile). Testing results received as indicated in the material.

Kimberly Simonian

Fast delivery, quick results!

Amazon Customer

If it is accurate, it did its job determining levels of formaldehyde in my home from artificial wood flooring.


They were above and beyond expectations in helping and explaining everything I wanted to know beyond even what I had tested for.

I enthusiastically recommend their system and service to anyone with air quality or possible toxicity concerns.

Amanda Lough

The air quality tests was easy to use. The company was quick in getting our results back. Luckily my flooring from Lumber Liquidators isn’t high.


Great, easy to use test. Results come back in about 10 days and company is very easy to work with. Glad I tested and would recommend to others as well. It’s good to know the quality of indoor air you are breathing.

Hugh M. Atkinson

The process was painless and the results came back quickly.


Test was exactly what I predicted what I thought about my flooring. Thank you

Robert cox

Seems to work as advertised. Very simple to do, however it uses a test method recommended for VOCs (NIOSH 2549) rather than one recommended for formaldehyde such as NIOSH 2539,2541 or 3500. I can only trust that it provides accurate readings.

Paul O.

I found I had elevated levels and am thankful I can replace.


well packaged and instructions easy to follow



S. T. Daugherty

This was super easy to use and the people were VERY helpful when I sent the test in. We had no problem with Formaldehyde and THIS test put our minds to rest.


Quick turn around for the test. I was shocked at the results that the Lumber Liquidator laminate was through the ceiling in the danger zone. I would recommend this test, quick delivery and results was very fast also.

Darlene Martinez

The process is very easy to follow and I am pleased with Home Air indoor check of my home. I am disturbed by the high level of Formaldehyde in my home that is revealed and am now determing exactly what measures to take to correct this. My regret is that I did not do this sooner.

Louise T.K.

Great service excellent results. Glad I tested.

Vaughn Rachal

Good test, prompt response, and very supportive lab personnel.

Weather Nut

This test kit is an easy way to test your home’s air for formaldehyde. This does not test each item in the home but gives you a very accurate measurement of your exposure in your home What you are buying is a home sample kit, and the lab testing to get the detailed numbers. They send you a sealed test tube and battery operated pump with directions. The directions are straightforward, you unseal the tube and put it into the pump and run for the indicated time (20 Min) in the area you want tested. Then you seal up the tube fill out the form for the sample and pack it all back up and ship it back. They do all the lab work and send you a detailed report of your Formaldehyde level in your air.

At the price point they offer the test for you do not get to keep the sampling kit but the equipment is prohibitively expensive for a home owner to buy. By borrowing the tools you save several hundred $$. For the quality of the testing results, the do-it yourself price price is a bargain. This test got me the same data the Pro was offering but at a savings of over $160! I did this test on my home and 2 relatives and was impressed with the resulting data. Its nice having peace of mind that even after renovating my house, painting, new laminate flooring that my Formaldehyde levels are lower than average.

The same lab also does indoor VOC testing (item number B005SGRZV8). Its the same process but the stuff in the tube looks different (I assume the absorbent media is different for VOC & formaldehyde). I did both tests and it was nice to get both sets of data. If you have concerns about your air quality get the tests done.


Please be aware it’s a rental tool, You pay the $ amount here only for one test. They ask you to send the air sample back. It’s a real organization, but to me it’s an unhappy experience, because I had expected to get a tool, now it’s a rental kit; I expected to use it to test the house air anytime i want, now only one test. Since I want to use it when we move into the new house next month, then I got a $200 invoice due to I didn’t send back the tool. As I said it’s a real organization, but I lost $15 for paying to mailing charges. Please think it carefully before you making your purchase. To Amazon, the rental items should have a clear sign.


The kit was well packaged, had clear directions, and was easy to use.”

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