Environmental Wellness Design + Consulting
Indoor Air Quality and EMF Testing

Designwell studios (DWS) is an environmental wellness design, consulting and testing company that optimizes built environments for well-being. DWS offers state of the art, professional environmental testing equipment and services that allow their clients to see if their home or workplace has issues from poor indoor or water quality, high levels of mold, mycotoxins and EMFs. Michelle Ifversen is the company’s founder and environmental wellness director who specializes in biophilic design, building biology and project management. DWS offers education, creative design hacks, products and services to help remedy spaces so people can thrive and be well.


A professional assessment is performed in your home/office to help identify potential toxins that may be affecting the health of the people who reside, visit, work or study there. A thorough investigation asking detailed questions for both bodies and buildings will help shine a light on possible elements that need remediating to reduce exposure. Onsite in the Portland metro area, or virtually.


DWS consults with people who think their environment may have contributed to their illnesses and need help navigating the process of testing, remodeling and or mitigating safely. A thorough consultation with each client can be done virtually to determine next steps. DWS works with builders, architects and homeowners on new construction and renovation projects. Education about healthy building practices and materials increases the levels of health and wellbeing in built environments.


Rent or purchase indoor air quality test kits that check for over 500 VOCs, mold VOCs and formaldehyde to find out the source of odors and toxins. We consult on safe and effective ways to mitigate. Onsite in the Portland metro area, or virtually.


Onsite professional mold testing in the Portland metro area and mycotoxin testing nationally. Mitigation consulting is available to help clients who have had exposure to mold and work with remediators to ensure the environment is treated properly.


Test to know what your exposures are inside and outside your home or workplace. Test nearby power lines, inside wiring, appliances, cell towers, substations, appliances and devices. Mitigation consulting is available when necessary. Mold and mycotoxins can be exacerbated by EMFs, we can show you how to reduce your exposure so you can heal faster. Onsite in the Portland metro area, or virtually.


DWS designs environments that benefit wellbeing and health. Interior design never felt and looked so good. DWS can help design environments that benefit wellbeing and health. When you incorporate elements of nature, your wellbeing, mood, energy and inspiration is elevated. We source and sell AFM Safecoat products that help stop off gassing and protect and beautify your project without harmful toxins. Services include – space planning, materials + furnishings sourcing, color consulting, lighting and acoustic solutions, art and photography, and plant guides. Onsite in the Portland metro area, or virtually.


  • VOC Testing
  • Formaldehyde Testing
  • Mold VOC Testing
  • Mold Spore Testing
  • Mycotoxin Testing
  • Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Testing
  • Air Treatment Systems (Filtration and purification)
  • Physician Referral Friendly
  • Consultation Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Healthy Home/Space Design and Guidance
  • On-site assessments (Regional)
  • On-site assessments (National)
  • Commercial Services Available
  • Odor Identification/Removal Specialty

We Are Here to Help! We Look Forward to Supporting You on Your Way to Creating a Healthier Environment.

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