Documentaries About Pollution and Health

HAC recommends these 5 documentaries to learn about pollutants and their impact on your health.

Under the Dome

Explore air quality and pollution risks in China with Chai Jing,a journalist. Jing attributes poor environmental quality in China to his unborn daughter tumor. Chai presents her research through lecture, footage taken on site at factories and interviews with political figures, businesses, and environmental experts. The film was praised by many for its exploration of an elephant in the room, being environmental health in China, the film even positively affected environmental quality and air quality businesses after its release.

The Human Experiment

The Human Experiment explores the fact that there are chemicals that we use in our everyday lives that remain untested for their health impact. This documentary addresses many products that we use within our homes and the products that we put into our bodies. This idea is used in comparison to the fact that disease is on a consistent rise and suggests that there may be a correlation between health issues and chemicals that we put to everyday use that we know very little about. Oscar Winner Sean Penn narrates the documentary as it takes the viewer through a deeper consideration of the untested chemicals we use every day. Many of which receive no second thought or concern until there is irreversible damage and health problems for consumers.

Toxic Soup

America and the people working to protect their health and the environment from the chemical dangers that lurk all around is the focus of this eye-opening production. Toxic Soup provides knowledge and examples of chemicals in water and air to radioactive materials and toxic materials used by companies. This film explores the political aspect of the industry and the politics of pollution in the United States while following the stories of people who find that toxins are polluting their lives and the lives of their friends and family members.


This film explores chemicals and toxins found in household products and how they impact the air quality within the household environment. It challenges common cleaning practices that may be harmful to residents and to the outdoor environment in general. Chemerical provides informational tips on how to clean smarter and how to identify and switch to products that are more health and environmental conscious.

Our Chemical Lives

Our Chemical Lives discusses the changes and the rise of chemicals in household products following World War II. The video looks at the impact of these toxins on American lives since becoming such an integral part of everyday life. It explores the dangers of these chemicals, affects in utero, and how continued exposure affects us throughout our lives. The producers of this documentary provide potential ways to avoid exposure and reduce chemical use in daily life.

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