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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner in the Summer

Summer is already here, and this year’s record-breaking heat waves are yet another reason to ensure that your air conditioner works properly. While some of the AC malfunctions may be connected to its age, others may result from a lack of maintenance or neglected cleaning. In order to keep your house cool and yourself comfortable, it is crucial that you learn to take care of your AC correctly.

Below, you will find seven air conditioner maintenance tips that will allow you to extend its service life, and improve air quality in your home. They range from scheduling annual tune-ups in spring, regularly changing the air filters, and paying attention to ductwork to inspecting the wiring and cleaning the outside compressor, among other things. Read on and stay cool!

1. Schedule an Annual Tune-Up With Your HVAC Professional

In the spring, when the temperature is more or less stable, schedule an annual tune-up with your HVAC contractor. This way, you will get a professional to inspect the air conditioner and check out its components, including the compressor, the refrigerant levels, and the ductwork, to ensure its proper functioning before the summer season begins.

Besides, during this maintenance visit, your technician may identify potential problems that could lead to costly repairs if neglected. If necessary, they will also make any adjustments required to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. Thus, whether you seek air conditioning installation experts in Delaware or Maryland or elsewhere, make sure that you entrust your AC unit to professionals.

2. Change the Air Filters Regularly

Your air filters should be changed regularly, at least once every month. It is crucial that you pay attention to this aspect of air conditioner maintenance and choose suitable air filters as they can significantly improve your AC’s performance. Dirt and debris on the filters reduce their efficiency, resulting in excessive energy usage and reduced airflow.

3. Inspect the Ducts and Cables

It is recommended that you inspect the ductwork and cables regularly as well. Ensure that all of them are free from leaks, clogs, and any other signs of damage. If you notice anything unusual about them, call in your HVAC professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

4. clean the Outside Compressor

While you should clean the outside compressor regularly, it is best to do it in the fall after you turn off the AC for the season. First, you will need to remove the grill and wipe out any dirt, debris, or leaves that may have accumulated there. For better results, use a pressure washer to do this work, as it will also help you inspect the compressor for any signs of damage. Also, pay special attention to the hoses as they tend to crack after some time.

5. Test the Wiring and Fuses

Test your wiring and fuses regularly by turning your thermostat up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes. Although this will burn some electricity, it is an excellent way to ensure that your wiring and fuses are in proper working order and will not start a fire at home.

Also, if your air conditioner does not shut down when it should, even after you have raised the temperature, this may indicate a problem with your wiring or fuses. In this case, get them checked right away.

6. Check the Condenser Coils Every Year

Check your condenser coils every year as well to make sure that they are free from debris and dust buildup. You will need to access them from the attic or crawlspace above where the AC sits, so make sure that you wear a pair of sturdy shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects or dangerous chemicals that may be lying around.

Also, wear protective clothing to protect yourself from an electric shock. If you notice any damage to the coils, contact your HVAC contractor immediately to arrange for repairs or replacements before the summer heat begins.

7. Keep the AС Unit Free of Debris

Your AC unit should be free from debris, dirt, and leaves at all times. If you do not have a lawn service or you like doing yard work yourself, then make sure that you constantly check the AC unit after you finish mowing the lawn.

For better results, run a hose over the unit to remove loose debris before turning on the AC. Also, regularly sweep any leaves or other debris that may have collected on the unit to stay clean and functional.


To sum up, taking care of your air conditioner correctly is crucial if you want to save money on energy bills and keep your house comfortable during the hot summer months. The tips mentioned above may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people neglect them. So, if you want to keep your house cool and avoid spending a fortune on repairs, remember to implement them this summer.

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