With the spring season here, it’s safe to say “change is in the air”. As we transition into warmer weather we find that our physical environment shifts and we make changes in our own homes and living habits. Rising temperatures and changes in the weather as we leave the cold of winter can bring high levels of irritants like pollen and different allergens, this can have an effect on the air you breathe both outdoors and inside your home. Not to fret! There are simple steps you can take to help improve your indoor air quality so you can focus on enjoying that spring sunshine.

ONE: Spring Cleaning – Choose the Right Kind of Clean

This time of year, it is common to give our living spaces a little extra attention and do our annual Spring Cleaning, but it is important to also give some attention to what products we are using. We often associate a certain scent like pine fresh, or lemon with the feeling of clean but it is important to remember cleaning products with scents can contain harsher chemicals. Try opting for more scent free products to leave both your house, and your air clean! Remember to ventilate while cleaning, this will lessen the chemical load in the home for a truly refreshing “clean home” feeling.

TWO: Attend to Your Air Ducts

While in the spirit of spring cleaning, make sure your air ducts are cleaned too! During the year different airborne particles and allergens accumulate indoors, collecting in your ducts and sticking to your vents. When it comes times to turn your air conditioning system back on and the air is pushed back out of those vents, those contaminants are likely pushed right back out into the air you breathe. If needed, a professional can assist in a thorough inspection for leaks and concerns, and cleaning of your air ducts.

THREE: ‘Air’ on the Side of Caution — Ventilate!

Common household activities such as cooking and cleaning can emit VOCs and other contaminants into the air. Keep in mind, kitchens and bathrooms highly contribute to the amount of humidity in your home. This can allow VOCs and other particles to collect and linger in the air that you breathe. Be sure to keep your home well ventilated by utilizing vent fans, and propping open windows and doors whenever possible.

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